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Merline-Serve: Amstrad CPC & PCW computers, accessories & repairs

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We aim to supply quality goods at cheap prices on a non-profit making basis. We do this for the fun of it. We've been involved with the CPC for nearly ten years and the PCW nearly as long. The PC has also come along and we support that too, especially older models with hardware and software available. We provide software, hardware, peripherals, magazines and books on many formats of older computer, including the Spectrum and Commodore. And some general bits and pieces - if you want something, please ask and we'll see what we've got or what we can do to help. We can also advise and repair many computers - so don't throw it away, contact us first! We deal with customers all over the world and all sizes of order, from one disc to Kent to dozens of boxes shipping off to Brazil.

As said in CPC magazine Amstrad Action issue 115: "The service is brilliant... fast and friendly are the key words surrounding Merline-Serve. You could say it is the best thing to happen to the CPC in years." We try very hard to get all things done as quickly, cheaply, correctly and friendly as possible. Although things are not always so fast, we get there in the end.

Arthur is also a floor and wall tiler in the Sussex area. Please click here for more details.


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Contact Information

For sales, orders and technical enquiries please e-mail:

Arthur Cook, Merline-Serve, Brympton Cottage, Brunswick Road, Worthing, Sussex, England, BN11 3NQ.

If you would like to visit to look at the items available or pick up your order please give us a call on 01903 206739 to arrange it.


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King Arthurs Domain

KAD is a public domain library of Amstrad CPC programs with over 160 discs. The catalogue is only available on a CPC disc as it has it's own special loading program. Please send a 3" or 3.5" disc with return SSAE to: Brympton Cottage, Brunswick Road, Worthing, Sussex, England, BN11 3NQ. You can also e-mail for more details.




CPC Weblinks

There are many good internet sites where you can find out more information on older computers, especially the Amstrad CPC. You can download fanzines, manuals, emulators and the software to run on them. There's a whole host of information and general musings you may find interesting. There's also a newsgroup for the Amstrad 8 bit machines, which includes the CPC, PCW and more. There are also newsgroups for other older computers. The Amstrad one is: comp.sys.amstrad.8bit


WACCI - WACCI is a CPC user group with a club magazine that has been running for nearly 140issues. They have a PD library and yearly get together's. This is the official site for the magazine, including current issues as they are published.
Système D - Discography of Système D CPC releases, Robot Software PD library, BTL Online (that scurrilous discmag), Amstrad Action reprints and lots more.
The Trade In Post - Sell some items for the CPC and other (older) computers. - The Amstrad CPC Games Resource
The Computer Conservation Society - Conserves computers